About our Program

Crime Stoppers of Pinellas County, Inc. was formed in January of 2001 to better serve the citizens of Pinellas County in the fight against crime.  The Board of Directors is made up of a cross section of concerned citizens that meet on a monthly basis to approve reward amounts, promote community awareness of the program and conduct fundraisers.  The Crime Stoppers Coordinator oversees the daily program operations and coordinates the efforts of the community, law enforcement and the media in a unified attempt to reduce crime in Pinellas County.

Mission Statement

The mission of Crime Stoppers of Pinellas County, Inc. is to provide law enforcement with an additional tool in the fight against crime through community involvement while offering anonymity and rewards for information resulting in an arrest.

Who is Involved

Greg Tita      President
Suzy Sofer      Vice President
Leslie Knowles      Treasurer
Adrienne Conwell      Secretary
Meghan Rulison      Board Member
Marilyn Walker      Board Member
Christopher Precious      Board Member
Ron Bittaker      Board Member
Roderick Frankland      Board Member
Lee Ellen Hooper      Board Member
Terri Mulvihill      Board Member
John Schmalzbauer      Board Member
Steven Moore      Board Member
Keith Bowling      Board Member
Kathie Gibson      Board Member
Melissa Fuller      Board Member
Amanda Sinni      Staff Coordinator
Richard Interrante      Staff Grant Manager
Bob Gualtieri      Sheriff, Honorary Board Member
Dr James D Sewell      Honorary Board Member
Susan Fraley      Honorary Board Member

Crime Stoppers